Functional programming is becoming increasingly important as we build more complex systems and use more parallel and concurrent programming. It’s also now present and being used more in mainstream languages like Java, C#, Swift and Javascript so it can no-longer be ignored by developers. Have you tried to understand functional programming but been completely bamboozled? Or do you know what a function is and understand the basics of functional programming but wonder what’s with all the other stuff? It’s most likely the big picture hasn’t been explained, or at least not clearly enough. This talk will give you a clear conceptual overview of functional programming with simple examples so that you will really get what it’s all about. There are consequences of only using functions and this is what makes functional programming very different from other programming paradigms. This talk won’t use terms like functor, applicative, or monad but by the end of the talk you will definitely understand them. It also won’t make you a functional programmer overnight but it will give you a conceptual framework to know what you need to do and why when doing functional programming.

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